thinking about abortion?

Did you know that over 50% of pregnancies in Mississippi are unplanned?  We have helped many of these women, and we can help you too. Based on our 30 plus years of experience working in the Jackson Metro Area, we strongly recommend you plan for a consultation at one of our clinics as your first step in the process of considering a therapeutic abortion and other reproductive options.

Questions? We have answers.

What You Need to Know about Ultrasounds Prior to an Abortion

Ultrasounds are medically important. Determining the correct age of the fetus is important for any medical procedure, including an abortion. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 10%-25% of pregnancies end on their own (this number may not include all which end pre-implantation); an ultrasound will confirm your pregnancy and make sure it is inside your uterus. If you have a tubal pregnancy (the pregnancy is inside the fallopian tube instead of the uterus), you may need immediate emergency care.

Early Non-Surgical Abortion

On March 30, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration released new labeling information on the Mifeprex (mifepriston/misoprostol) medical abortion protocol. Mifeprex is now approved, in a regimen with misoprostol, to end a pregnancy through 10 weeks. (70 days or less since the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period). For more information about Mifeprex, possible risks and side effects, and your other reproductive choices, make an appointment today at 601-487-1064.

Surgical Abortion

There are several different types of surgical abortions, each one works a little differently and involves its own set of risks. To receive more information about these procedures as well as your other pregnancy options, make an appointment at 601-487-1064.

Spontaneous Abortion

Spontaneous abortions are when your body naturally ends a pregnancy on its own. They are also known as miscarriages and affect up to 1 out of 4 pregnancies, sometimes before a woman even knows she is pregnant. At the Cline Center, we provide confirmation of pregnancy through on site ultrasounds and partnerships with local radiologists.

The Choice is yours, but we can help

We recognize that this is one of the most important, and possibly the most difficult, decisions you will ever make.  When it comes to your health and your future, it is important that you have objective information. Our services are offered at no charge to you, and you will never receive a bill from us.  To find out more about all your reproductive options, including abortion, continuing your pregnancy, and what to do next, call us today at 601-487-1064.

The information presented on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice. Our clinics do not perform or provide referrals for abortion procedures.