Steps for Pre-natal Care

If you already have insurance that covers maternity care, you may see any doctor who is listed by your insurance plan for your prenatal care. You should call a doctor as soon as possible for your first OB appointment. If you are going to apply for Medicaid, you will need to make sure that the doctor you choose will accept your Medicaid, by calling their office as soon as possible. Also, no matter who you choose, you may be asked to pay at the visit, please call each office to get information on their policies.


To apply for Medicaid: Your local Medicaid office can give you the new application to complete, or you may apply online at or It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get your Medicaid care after you have applied. Please do this as soon as possible. You can call your local Medicaid office to find out where you need to apply, and what information/documentation you will need to bring with you. Some of the documents that may be required from you are: a photo I.D., certified copy of your birth certificate, proof of income, proof of residence, your Social Security Card, and proof (from your school) if you are a full time students.


Listed below are the local regional Medicaid offices:

Jackson Office 601-978-2399 (serves Southern Hinds County),

Canton Office 601-859-3230 (serves Madison and Northern Hinds County),

Brandon Office 601-825-0477 (serves Rankin Simpson & Smith Counties),

Brookhaven Office 601-835-2020 (Serves Copiah, Lawrence & Lincoln Counties).


To apply for WIC: Call 1-800-721-7222 to set up an appointment at your local health department for the WIC visit. On your first visit to the health department, you will need to bring a photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license), Proof of income (pay-stub, or if a student-from your school counselor that you are in school full time), and proof of residence (like utility bill, bank statement or driver’s license).


Choosing a Doctor/Clinic: Listed below are a few of the Community Health Centers and Private Clinics in the local area that some of our clients have used that may accept Medicaid. The list is for your information only, and is not a guarantee of services. Most private doctors require you to have your Medicaid number before you make your first appointment or pay in full at your appointment. Please contact the doctor of your choice for prenatal care as soon as possible. You may be asked to pay at the visit, please call each office to get information on their policies.

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